Rethinking Your Seventh-Day Adventists Beliefs

Very likely, you were raised Seventh Day Adventist (SDA), and now for some reason, you are rethinking the issues and belief system that you embraced for a long time. Seventh Day Adventism has certain doctrinal issues which should be addressed, since most Adventist see themselves as Christian and Biblically-based. With this understanding, we wish for you to consider whether or not SDA teachings are in fact Biblical and are clearly rooted in teachings of Christ and His apostles. Most SDA's are aware of the prophet Ellen White and recognize her as the "spirit of prophecy" for the Body of Christ. Her insights are considered by many SDA's as "illuminating" and a "clearer understanding" of Biblical teachings.

What is here and why

In the pages, of this website, are articles and questions for SDA members to consider and ponder. It is our deepest concern, that those who claim the name of Christ, worship Him in Spirit and Truth, and know who He really is, in fact. Our concern, is that many in the SDA movement have in fact re-defined Christ and the gospel of grace, and thus have forfeited their opportunity of Eternal Life with the Father and Son, and the complete forgiveness of sins, which is the final promise in the New Covenant. It is our experience that most SDA members do not even know what the New Covenant really entails.

Ellen G. White and spirit of prophecy

Also, there is a need to consider the teachings of Ellen G. White, her prophecies, the implications of her prophecies and her standing in the eyes of SDA members. One must consider the historical issues pertaining to her life and teachings, and examine the origins of this movement. A clear decision is necessary when viewing the teachings of Ellen White and weighing them in the balance of the teachings of Jesus and His Apostles. If her teachings are viewed as equal with Christ and the Apostles, and thus are on par with Scripture, then it is very likely that one has in fact become an idolater in the modern sense of the word. This, of course, is not good, and should be avoided at all cost.

Why is truth often rejected?

Some of the articles here are, in fact, written by former members of the SDA movement, who thought through some of the same issues which many are grappling with today. It must be realized, that truth is not an easy thing to accept. That by nature, we as fallen humans, delight in falsehood and prefer lies to the truth. We must come to understand that truth usually comes to us at a great expense on the part of someone else, and especially on the part of the Son, who gave Himself for us. And we must understand that if we receive truth, it will usually cost us something very dear to us, even our own life. This was the case with the apostles. Even the apostles had great difficulty in receiving the truth as it was expressed by the Messiah. When Jesus spoke of his coming rejection by the leaders of the Jewish people and His death by crucifixion, the apostles could not believe what they were hearing from him. Peter was so perplexed that he rebuked Jesus and told him that nothing like this should happen to Him. Unfortunately, Peter at that point became a mouth piece for Satan himself and was sternly rebuked by Jesus. And this is just one case in the Bible where men are confronted with truth. Consider, Noah, and how well received his message was in his day. And Jeremiah's words were completely rejected by all Israel and the King. Isaiah, asks, "who has believed our report". John the Baptist stated that "no man receives His testimony", referring to Christ Himself. The mere presenting of the facts does not usually change the hearts of men, because men are depraved and defiled sinners, dead in sin and helpless to save themselves. They need a Savior who is Christ the LORD.

Our Challenge to You!

Our challenge for you is to Rethink Adventism and gain Eternal Life and the Complete Forgiveness of Sins, and to know Christ who is the LORD God Almighty.

No Scriptural Support for the "Investigative Judgement" Doctrine! ---- Surprise!!

The Leading Adventist Theologians and Hebrew Scholars have admitted to being unable to find support in Scripture for the central doctrine of the SDA church, The Investigative Judgement.

Ted Wilson, church president says that ".........without the central doctrine of the Investigative judgement, the SDA Church has no reason to exist".

Read Raymond F. Cottrell's message as given to the second JIF symposium in 02-04 November 2001.  Click to Download the PDF

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