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Below are links to other websites and resources with similar materials and/or related information. We encourage you to check out these sources of information and learn all that you can about the truth. Jesus said, "if you are my disciples, then you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free".

What Evangelicals Believe --A Statement of Faith by Evangelicals. This is our Statement of Faith too.

Truth Of The Trinity --Downloadable MP3 recordings on the Trinity Doctrine. --A very thoughtful video on the 'Evolution and Creation' debate. --Teachings on Several SDA topics by Timothy Oliver. --A website for Mormons looking for hope only found in Jesus.

Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry --An excellent website dedicated to defending the Christian faith and exposing the false teachings which masquerade as 'Christian' and 'Non-Christian' in this world.

Dr. Andre Hill tells his story (Video Part1) --Why he is leaving the SDA movement.

Dr. Andre Hill tells his story (Video Part2) --Why he is leaving the SDA movement.

Do New Testament Christians need to observe the Sabbath? --A video by Larry Wessel.

Why Seventh-­day Adventists Can’t Keep Their Victories? --A video by Al and Collette Martin, who wrote the article “Enough is Enough”, who were both seasoned Seventh-day Adventists.

Here are excellent resources for Jehovah Witnesses:

Yes you should believe in the Trinity

God the one and only---Making sense of the the Trinity---Jehovah Witnesses Answered

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An examination of the "Investigative Judgment" doctrine by Dale Ratzlaff

Investigative Judgment Doctrine

Dr. Talbot--An Evangelical Theologian evaluates Adventism from a Biblical Perspective.

Is Adventism Evangelical?

The struggle of a life-long Adventist Pastor --Greg Taylor-- as he decides to leave Adventism.

The New Covenant

If I am saved by God, how can I lose eternal life?

What must I do to be lost?

1844 Probation and Satan as Scape Goat Doctrine -- Cultic Doctrine (Video Link)

Watch the Video Now!