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Here is a Simple Profile of SDA distinctive beliefs: (Courtesy of Watchman Fellowship)

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New Covenant

What do know about the New Covenant? Here is Greg Taylor's article on:

The New Covenant
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Dr. Talbot -- Examines SDA teachings

Here, Dr. Talbot, examines the teachings of SDA. Here is his 1957 article on:

Is Adventism Evangelical?
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Investigative Judgment

Below is an examination of the "Investigative Judgment" doctrine by Dale Ratzlaff. 

Investigative Judgment Doctrine
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Is the Investigative Judgment even possible for those whose faith is in Christ Jesus? A short article by Bob Koivisto on the subject.

The Investigative Judgment and the Believer.
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Just how secure is your salvation in Christ?  Maybe you are really Eternally Insecure.  (a tract by Bob Koivisto)

Eternal Insecurity?
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Was the Sabbath part of the Ceremonial Law? Here are thoughts of the issue of Sabbath for SDA members, by Greg Taylor.

Was the Sabbath Part of the Ceremonial?
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What are the Character and Promises of God, and how do these issues affect me as a believer in Christ?  An article by Jon Rittenhouse.

The Character and Promises of God.
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Al  &  Collette  Martin,  who  wrote  this  article  “Enough  is  Enough”,  were  both  seasoned   Seventh-­day  Adventists.    Al,  being  a  3rd  generation  Adventist,  and  Collette  became   an  Adventist  over  40  years  ago  in  1970.    They  have  had  a  ministry  for  over  25  years, dealing  with  spiritual  warfare.  Their  love  for  Jesus  Christ  and    people  caused  them   to  see  things  in  the  belief  system  of  Adventism  that  was  troubling  and  sent  them  to   their  Bibles  to  find  out  what  was  wrong.      The  results  of  that  study  is  defined  in  a   DVD  entitled  “Why  Seventh-­day  Adventists  Can’t  Keep  Their  Victories”.    This  DVD   can  be  seen  by  going  to:    This  article   “Enough  is  Enough”  is  in  response  to  those  who  wanted  more  information. 

Enough is Enough (1844 Document) by Al and Collett Martin.
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Jesus and Michael

Is Jesus really the arch angel Michael as claimed by Ellen White and many SDA members?  A look into this topic from the Scriptures and why this is not a possible conclusion, though it is held by many SDA members and Jehovah Witnesses today. 

Is Jesus really the Arch Angel Michael? By Bob Koivisto.
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Courtesy of

Here is a link to various Audio Files, with documentation, from Timothy Oliver on various SDA topics.

Audio and Documents by Timothy Oliver on several SDA topics.

More articles, files and documents are coming soon!

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An examination of the "Investigative Judgment" doctrine by Dale Ratzlaff

Investigative Judgment Doctrine

Dr. Talbot--An Evangelical Theologian evaluates Adventism from a Biblical Perspective.

Is Adventism Evangelical?

The struggle of a life-long Adventist Pastor --Greg Taylor-- as he decides to leave Adventism.

The New Covenant

If I am saved by God, how can I lose eternal life?

What must I do to be lost?

1844 Probation and Satan as Scape Goat Doctrine -- Cultic Doctrine (Video Link)

Watch the Video Now!