The Doctrine of Hell Fire (Continued-Pg.2)

But there is a pernicious argument which says it is unfair and immoral for God to punish sinners forever and ever,  and for them to experience immeasurable agony for eternity, when the sins they have committed were only for a short period and instant in the time-space-continuum.   This argument, however, is a back handed slap in the face of Almighty God, as it implies that God’s righteousness and His Glory are equivalent to that of a man, and a corrupt man at that.  Does the God of Eternal Glory and Eminence, who created man in His own image, have the right to punish forever those who defy Him and who impugn Him with a questionable morality and a deceptive heart?  If the punishment is to fit the crime, in other words, to be equitable or just, then, if men and angels who sin against Him only one time, are punished for eternity, in agony without end, then perhaps we have incorrectly assumed that His Holiness and Glory are far less weighty than what they really are in fact.  In Psalms 50:21 we are warned by the Most High not to think that He is like us: “You were a fool to think that I was such a one as yourself, but I will reprove you to your face”.    Remember Moses, when he asked to see God’s Glory, was only able to see the back side of the Most High’s Glory (“for no man can see my face and live”), and that after this, Moses’ face was so bright that the sons of Israel had to put a veil (curtain) over his face!  

Again, if the punishment is to fit the crime, and a balance is to occur upon the scales of justice, then we ought to examine more closely the One who we are sinning against. When we consider the Eternal Majesty of Him who sits upon the throne of the heavens and the earth, and weigh this against a finite and dependent man, who can do nothing apart from Him, it becomes clear why a finite man must suffer forever away from the presence of the Righteous and Glorious Self Existent One (YHWH).  If a man takes the life of a flea, does anyone even consider it?  If a man sins against another man, then the Scriptures teach us that it is “an eye for and eye, a tooth for a tooth, a limb for limb, and life for life”. This is the precept which underlines the Law.

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